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Category: Magnetic Tools

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  • Breeze Shears Mini Hand Press,...

    2,850.00 (Price inc. 18% GST)

    ?Mini Hand Press is designed specifically for use with hand dies, both in the field and on your workbench.

    ?This mini press features quality construction throughout and fits easily into your reloading box for trips to the range.

    ?Constructed with a solid stainless steel post and featuring a stainless steel rack and pinion design, this hand press functions flawlessly with all neck sizing and bullet seating hand dies.

    ?Ratchet style height adjustment knob allows easy raising and lowering of the ress head position.

  • Toolskart Hand Tool Flexible Extending...

    299.00 (Price inc. 18% GST)

    Toolskart Fully flexible long reach cable with four prong claw action pick-up end spring loaded plastic finger grip magnetic tips hanging card specifications: type: magnetic claw pick up tool color: red+black total length: 55cm package included: 1 x magnetic claw pick up tool

  • Toolskart Strong Hand Magnet, Scrap...

    529.00 (Price inc. 18% GST)

    Hand Magnet, Scrap Lifting Magnet 9 x 6 Inch Lifting Capacity – 12 kg Size – 9 x 6 inch Best used a scrap lifting magnet. Sturdy handle makes it more easy to operated. Equipped with flat scrap container. Works against metals.


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